My art speaks about people’s lives like short stories. In the section urban painting, you can see pieces of clothes and jewellery sewn on the canvas, each piece belongs to a particular persons story. These things are given to me by people I have met, it is something linked to their own story. People talk to me about their feelings, their fears or their joys. Through this material and also a spiritual exchange, you can understand the process of my creation, in fact my inspiration is You. We are all evolving and connected to one another.

 Everyone wears clothes, I paint.

 I try to create a spirit of evolutaion and freedom in my paintings, and focus on the important role the clothes play in the evolution of the mind, in history of man or in our personal story.

Colours of a cloth, energies and forms are a language, visible and invisible, from which you can read the vibrations and spirituality within your own life, just as you can read upon my canvasses. The clothes are symbols, fetishes, energy on my canvas, and a part of ourselves.



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